Thanks to the Barton System, my fifth-grade son went from testing at a second-grade reading level to testing at a seventh-grade reading level in a year and a half.

In spelling, he's now testing at his grade level (fifth), up from a first-grade level last school year.

Sandy Gant, Saratoga, CA













Her writing has improved dramatically. Her reading is improving. She's more successful with spelling.

She's happy again. She's finally participating in class.

Overall, her whole attitude has changed. Even her teacher has noticed.

Rachel Garcia
Pleasanton, CA













I have been home schooling for over 6 years, and I've been searching for a curriculum that would help my children with their reading and spelling, as well as be easy to use and not require a great deal of training outside the home. I had almost given up hope when I finally stumbled across the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

The Barton System's train-as-you-go style makes it extremely easy to use. All the lessons are laid out very clearly, and it's lots of fun. In just a few short months, my son's spelling has improved, and he has even commented on how the system has helped him to hear sounds in the words he spells.

My daughter, who was always reluctant to pick up a book, can hardly be found without one now, and her spelling has improved tremendously. They both look forward to our time together, especially the games at the end.

I am very excited about the Barton System. I hope many more homeschooling families will find it to be the key to their child's success in reading and spelling.

Linda Luebker
Castro Valley, CA













Currently I am tutoring 3 boys, ages 8, 14 and 15. The Barton System is working well. Before, I tutored for 2 years using the Slingerland method. The Barton System is so much easier to use. The tiles and your phonemic awareness level are fantastic. I recommend the Barton System to many tutors and parents.

Karen Vickers, Private Tutor
Fremont, CA













The best part is the confidence he now has while reading. He doesn't just guess at the bigger words. He can break them apart and discern the sounds. I'm very thankful for finding the Barton System. We had tried a private tutor and a Score center. They didn't work. He was still struggling.

The Barton System has taught him to 'hear' all the different sounds, to take them apart, and to put them back together. It's a program that has worked wonders for my son.

Victoria Rosenberg
Pleasanton, CA













I have been searching for a system like this my entire professional career. We are now using the Barton System as our primary remediation method for our special education students with reading and spelling needs.

I also highly recommend its use to parents whose children need systematic one-to-one reading and spelling instruction. The Barton System training DVDs, with their fully scripted lesson plans, provide enough support for parents to become effective tutors.

A significant number of parent volunteers are using these professionally designed lesson plans on a one-to-one basis with at-risk students at our school, twice a week, with impressive results. The Barton System works!

Rod Proctor, Resource Specialist
Saratoga, CA









Who can be a student? Back to Top
The Barton System was designed for students of any age who have, or are suspected of having, dyslexia.

Watch: What Kind of Student?

For more information on dyslexia, click here.

The Barton System has been used successfully with children as young as 5 who are in kindergarten.

Yet nothing in the Barton System will offend a teenager or an adult.

This is not a “teach yourself” system. A student must work with a tutor.

A Barton student must:
• Be at least 5 years old and in kindergarten

• Can speak and comprehend spoken English

This is not for children with a receptive or expressive language disorder.

This is also not an ESL program.

A non-native English speaker must be able to speak and
understand spoken English at a second grade level.
To find out, download our ESL screening.

• Have an IQ of 70 or higher

• Struggles with spelling when writing stories, and
cannot easily sound out unknown words when reading.

If someone can already read accurately and rapidly, and spells well, but only has trouble with comprehension, then the Barton System would not be needed or appropriate..

• Can pass our Barton Student Screening

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What Students Say: Back to Top
I have struggled for nearly 35 years with dyslexia. I was diagnosed at a young age, but my parents felt I "just needed to work harder" because I was so bright. I managed to graduate from high school with a lot of help and luck. But I dropped out of several colleges because I was just too frustrated to continue.

I have been a student in the Barton System for the past six months. I cannot begin to share how many times I have finished a tutoring lesson and said, "Gee, if only it had been explained this way when I was in school, I might not have struggled so much."

The confidence I have in my reading ability has grown incredibly.

I recently was required to give a speech to a group of over 400 people. Before starting the Barton System, I would have refused because my reading problems were so severe. Instead, I gave the speech — and received a standing ovation. It made my year.

Trish McCauley, adult student
San Jose, CA


Thank you so much for this reading system. This is the first time I have seen improvement in my son's reading. He has also noticed the improvement, which has made a huge difference in his attitude.

I only wish I had found this system earlier -- when he was in first grade.

Karon Bobbitt
Vernon, AL


In 5th grade we realized that our son was about to enter middle school, and yet was still functionally illiterate.

I began working on Level 1 with Danny, and for the first time, I could see that things were making sense to him.

His reversals of letters and numbers when writing went away. It was amazing.

A quantum leap in his spelling and reading comprehension took place.

We've been using the Barton System for 18 months. Danny made the Honor Roll this year. His most recent report card was straight-A's!

The school principal was so impressed by Danny's improvement that she ordered the Barton System.

Mike Billo
San Francisco, CA


My second grade-daughter hated school and often came home crying. She complained that the other kids laughed at her. I was concerned about my daughter's skills and horrified that she hated school!

My daughter began the Barton Reading System in October. I am thrilled to report her progress. In just two months, her reading improved by 20 words per minute. She now loves school. She also loves to read. She still has more work ahead, but she loves "doing Barton." Thank you for such a wonderful program.

Susan Garcia
Pleasanton, CA


I've been very pleased with my son's progress. His reading has improved as well as his writing. He has more confidence in reading, and he's willing to read aloud now.

His confidence level is higher, so he enjoys school more. He will now pick up a book and read it on his own, where he never would before. I could not be happier with his progress.

Kathy Bertolini
Pleasanton, CA

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Student Screening: Back to Top
You cannot give or score the Student Screening if you have not passed our Tutor Screening.

If you have not yet taken our Tutor Screening, take it now. Click here to take our Tutor Screening.

Before you give our student screening:

1. Print the Scoring Sheet
Click here to download the scoring sheet.

If you can’t download our scoring sheets, we’ll mail them to you. To receive them by mail, just click here and give us your name and address.

2. Create Colored Squares
The student will need 9 objects, 3 each of 3 different colors.

You can use:

  • 3 red, 3 white and 3 blue poker chips
    or other game tokens
  • 1 inch by 1 inch squares cut out of
    colored construction paper
  • buttons
  • or any other small objects

The specific colors don't matter, as long as the student has 3 each of 3 different colors.

3. Watch the Student Screening

Click here to watch the Student Screening

If you do not have high speed Internet, we’ll send the student screening through the mail – FREE. To receive it on DVD, just click here and type in your name and address as the message.

The Student Passed.
Great. That student is ready for the Barton Reading & Spelling System. So go ahead and start tutoring the student using the Barton System.

To place your order for the Barton System, call (408) 559-3652 or click here.

The Student did NOT Pass. Now What?
What needs to happen next depends upon which part of the screening the student had trouble with.

If the student passed Part C, but had trouble in Part A or B, click here.

If the student failed Part C, click here.

Questions on Scoring?
Call us at 408-559-3652. Or to send it by email, click here, then type in your question, along with a daytime phone number.

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Student FAQs Back to Top
Q: Does a student have to have a formal diagnosis of dyslexia before using the Barton System?

A: No. But you should suspect dyslexia.

It should be extremely hard for that student to master their weekly spelling list from school, they probably cannot retain their spelling words from one week to the next, and their spelling should be pretty bad when they write sentences and stories.

Also, although that student can read, he is probably slow and inaccurate. And when he comes to a word he does not recognize, he cannot easily sound it out -- despite years of phonics instruction.

Those are classic warning signs of dyslexia. Dyslexia is the most common reason a child with at least average intelligence will struggle with spelling, reading, or writing. Dyslexia affects 20% of people in the United States, some mildly, others severely.

But not every student with dyslexia is ready for the Barton System. So make sure the student can pass our Barton Student Screening before you start tutoring.

Q: Will it hurt people who are struggling for some other reason to go through the Barton System?

A: No, as long as:

  • They can speak and comprehend spoken English at the second-grade level or better.

    This is not an ESL program. To find out if a student from another country knows enough English to benefit from this system, download and give our simple ESL screening by clicking here.

    This system is also not appropriate for a student who has been diagnosed with a receptive or expressive language disorder.
  • Their IQ is above 70.
  • They are struggling with reading accuracy and/or speed and/or decoding (sounding out unknown words) and/or phonemic awareness.

    If a child can already read accurately and rapidly, but only has trouble with comprehension, the Barton System is NOT going to help.

Q: I don’t know the student’s IQ.

A: A person with an IQ below 70 would have significant mental retardation.

If you have reason to suspect a potential student’s IQ is lower than 70, ask their parent if an IQ test has ever been done.

If not, tell the parent that you need an IQ score first – before you can tutor the child – to make sure you’re picking the best system for that child.

Parents can request that their child’s public school give an IQ test, or they can hire a private Educational Therapist or Psychologist or Psychiatrist to give an IQ test.

Do not use the Barton System with a student whose IQ is lower than 70.

Q: My student is not a native English speaker. Can she go through the Barton System?

A: Yes, as long as the student can speak and comprehend spoken English at the second-grade level or higher.

An easy way to check that student’s spoken English skills is to give them our informal ESL Screening.

If you can’t download files, we’ll mail it to you—free. Just click here, then type in your name and street address.

Q: The student did not pass your screening when he watched the DVD (or videoclips). But when I gave it to him myself, he passed. Does that count?

A: Yes. If the student passed when you gave the Student Screening yourself, that student is ready for the Barton System.

Q: How can I get another score sheet?

A: To download another score sheet, click here, then choose the form you need.

If you can’t download files, call us at (408) 559-3652 and we’ll mail or fax it to you.

Or click here, then type in your name and street address.

Q: How often does a student need to be tutored? How long should a tutoring session last?

A: For answers to these – and more – tutoring-related questions, click here

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