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I am a former Reading Improvement teacher. I was often frustrated that there was not a quality, hands-on, accessible and complete program that I could use with my students.

I am now a Barton tutor.

This is the best reading program I have ever seen or been trained in. This program could literally rescue hundreds (maybe thousands) of our poor readers from years of frustration and low-level reading.

Katie Thompson
former Reading Improvement teacher
Pleasanton, CA


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Thank you so much for this reading system. This is the first time I have seen improvement in my son's reading. He has also noticed the improvement, which has made a huge difference in his attitude.

I only wish I had found this system earlier -- when he was in first grade.

Karon Bobbitt
Vernon, AL


My son has made tremendous progress in the Barton System. When he started as a first grader, he could only read short two- and three-letter words. Reading was a chore. Even with flash cards and repetition, he wasn't getting it.

After participating in this program, he is now reading at grade level and can easily get through a book.

Lisa Hartley
Pleasanton, CA


I am tutoring my son (age 8) using your program. I started tutoring him in March 2011. At that time, he was at the 2nd percentile for reading. I just got his testing results from December 2011. He is now at the 48th percentile!!!!!

To say I am thrilled is a complete understatement.

Denise Plambeck
Chicago, IL


Thank you for the Barton System. It has changed my daughter's life.

We felt she was underperforming in school. After finding your website, we had her tested for dyslexia.

I started tutoring her this last summer. This fall, she made 6th Grade Honor Roll, working independently. The most exciting part is that she told me she actually volunteered to read in class for the first time ever!

Tina Mukai
San Jose, CA


Things here at Skagit Family Learning Center in Washington are going great.

For example, once my daughter completed Level 2 of the Barton System, we had her retested with the Phonemic Awareness Test (the PAT). Before Barton tutoring, she was at the 5th percentile. After just 6 weeks of Barton, she scored at the 67th percentile.

Her self-esteem went up like a rocket and keeps on soaring.

Sommer Holt
LaConner, WA


It was like an answer to a prayer that we found out about you and your program. I was hours away from ordering the Wilson System, but I did not have total peace in my heart about that program. I was new to learning differences and overwhelmed by all the choices.

I am a homeschooling mom of three boys. A counselor from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association called me late one afternoon. She encouraged me to look into your program. My husband (also dyslexic) and I were sold almost instantly. We said, "This is it."

My son has done so well with your program. What an encouragement to see him progressing and retaining the knowledge. I can't express in words our gratitude to you.

Andrea Tidwell
Leesburg, VA


My son just completed level 3, and wow!!! I have seen such a huge difference not only in his reading and spelling, but his self-esteem continues to improve. Thanks for everything.

Christina Fox, homeschool parent
and former Special Ed teacher
Warrenton, VA


Joshua is in the middle of Level 4, and his teacher is very impressed with his progress.

Joshua brought home an Amelia Bedelia book from the library. He has NEVER read a book on his own before. He sat down and read it, cover to cover (42 pages) all by himself this past week. We are so excited! This is wonderful progress!

A few weeks ago, he looked at me with a book in his hand and said, "Mom, I never thought I'd say this, but I think I like reading."

He is a sponge, and so eager to learn. But up until now, all the programs we tried were like sand, bread crumbs or confetti. A sponge just won't soak up those things. Your program is the liquid he's been waiting for.

Tammy Baldwin
Lancaster, NY


My son, Kyle, has had trouble reading since kindergarten. He went through 5 years of elementary school staying at a kindergarten reading level. Teachers said he wouldn't ever read or he'd only be a sight reader.

Then one of his teachers, Emily Moss, got trained in the Barton Reading & Spelling System. She started tutoring him at the beginning of sixth grade. He just finished seventh grade, and his success is beyond words. For the first time, he took the state standards test at the end of the year, and he passed the reading portion with a 3 -- which means he met the standards. His teacher was so excited that she pulled him out of lunch to give him the news. Imagine going from the kindergarten level to the 7th grade level in just 2 years.

He's able to read billboards, and he reads books he's interested in all by himself. He's never had that type of independence before.

I want to thank you for the program. My hope is that all schools will have at least one teacher who has been trained in your program so they will be able to help another child like Kyle.

Tina Smith
Reidsville, NC


When our son finished second grade, the school evaluated his reading level. It was 1.9 to 2.3.

After only 2 months of tutoring him myself over the summer using your system, he has improved greatly. The school tested him at the beginning of this year, third grade, and his reading is now 3.2 to 5.0.

His self-confidence is so much better than it was a year ago. He will even read out loud in Sunday School in front of his friends.

Recently, there was a story about a dyslexic boy in their lesson. He raised his hand and shared that he has dyslexia, too. Jonah explained that he was born with it, and that he can read just as well as any of them, it just sometimes takes him a little longer.

Bless you for what you have done for our son.

Eileen Carter
Gainesville, FL


Barton is a wonderful program. My son, who is profoundly dyslexic, thanked me for finding it. He has been through years of SETTS and outside tutoring of various kinds, but nothing worked for him until your program.

We are only at Level 3, but his progress is steady.

Elise Stone
New York, NY


First, I would like to thank you for the wonderful program you have developed. I wish I had found it sooner! I have worked on reading with my dyslexic daughter for years, and sometimes felt more frustrated than helped by our former curriculum.

I love how the Barton System is broken down so that the student is learning one thing at a time. Your spelling and syllable division rules, and any exceptions, are clear.

I love knowing exactly how I'm supposed to be teaching the program.

I especially appreciate how available you make help for those using the Barton System. I've not needed it yet, but I'm thankful knowing it's just an e-mail or phone call away!

Kim Baar
Jerome, ID


I just returned from my 9-year-old grandson’s school, where I tutor him 3 times a week (while the rest of his class has reading groups). We also have another 45-minute session on Saturdays.
We are in Lesson 1 of Book 3, and I am so impressed and pleased with his progress. A week ago, he was happy saying, “I am learning to read.” Now he is saying, “I can read.”
Obviously, he’s got a long way to go, but his confidence has soared in the six weeks we’ve been working with the Barton System.
Today I had tears in my eyes as he finger-spelled, and then wrote on paper, word after word after word. He suddenly knows that he can access this mysterious code that has stymied him for so long.
When I looked into the Barton System, I was a bit nervous about the money. But the Florida Center for Reading Research endorsement and the California Department of Education approval persuaded me to give it a try. It has been such a wonderful gift to me and Charlie. And I now realize the cost is not much, especially when bought one level at a time, over the months
Susan Barton, thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish you could see the change in Charlie’s reading skill and confidence level.

Nancy Gage, grandparent
Los Lunas, NM


About this time last year, my daughter was struggling with reading and spelling. She was starting to ask us what was wrong with her that she couldn't read. She wondered if she was just stupid. She was in second grade, had received over a year of tutoring using the Open Court program, and was only reading simple Dr. Seuss books -- if we could get her to read at all.
Around the first of the year, a friend suggested we visit your website. We instantly recognized that she is dyslexic.
In February I began tutoring her with the Barton System. After 9 months, she is in Level 5. Last Friday evening, when I came home from a meeting, she excitedly told me she had spent the last two hours reading Harry Potter. "I can read every word, just like that!" she said, snapping her fingers to show me how fast she could read the words.
Now, every evening, she settles down with Harry Potter and VOLUNTARILY reads -- and ENJOYS it. I know she understands what she reads because she tells me all about what is going on in the story.
I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your website and your program. It has made a world of difference to us. When we sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, we will say "thank you" for Susan Barton.

Sally Train
Walnut Creek, CA


Since my child began tutoring with Rosemarie Hoffman using the Barton System, both her reading and spelling have improved tremendously.

In reading, she increased over 200 lexile points, and while still in 3rd grade, she was reading at a 5th grade level.

Before tutoring, she was only receiving 5 spelling words per week while the rest of her class received 17. By the end of the school year, she was also receiving 17 words -- as well as completing a few of the bonus words.

I cannot tell you what this has done for her confidence and self-esteem in school.

Donna Widmaier
Marietta, GA


During our year of homeschooling, my daughter got twice a week tutoring from a Certified Barton tutor. She is now in the middle of Level 4.

This year, I decided to re-enroll her in public school. Yesterday, the reading teacher listened to her read. Natalie read all the "assessments" for 4th grade perfectly. She made one error on the 5th grade assessment, and Natalie opted to try their 6th grade reading passage. She did pretty well on that one, too. That means in her 5th grade class, she will be able to read grade-level books independently.
Natalie said, "Mom, this Barton Tutoring really works!" She was very excited.

I can't thank you enough for all the time you have given to help people with dyslexia

Betsy Lester
Parker, CO


Sebastian was SO excited to read a "story" yesterday. He has a younger brother who is reading stories every day, so he has been waiting to be able to read one himself.

Then today he told me, "Mom, this is a great program. I'm really becoming a good speller. The finger spelling works great! I'm so excited. I can't wait to read another story."

He's quite a talker, so this is a paraphrased version, trying to show how happy he is with this program, how confident he's becoming, and that he 's now ENJOYING working on reading.

Thank you again for all of your help, and for this wonderful system that moms and dads can pick up and give as a gift to their children.

Sara Anastasi
Grove City, PA


I never though that I would ever see my son read for pleasure. He is only on Level 4 of the Barton program, but he is now reading novels. Not only is he reading, but he is comprehending what he reads.
His teachers are ecstatic with the progress he has made since the beginning of the school year.
Needless to say, I am extremely happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Perdita Smith, parent
Carlsbad, CA


Kellie finished all 10 levels of the Barton Reading & Spelling System. It was worth every penny.
My daughter would not be in the National Honor Society, making all A’s and A-’s without the Barton System.
But more importantly, it restored her self-esteem!!!!
I am so thankful for this program. It saved her life – many, many times.

Paula Dillner
Pilot Grove, MO


I have been looking for an effective solution to my 10 year old's reading challenges ever since I started homeschooling her in Kindergarten. We have done Brain Gym, Learning Rx, and spent a year going to a Sylvan Learning Systems Center 8 hours a week. We spent thousands of dollars but saw only limited improvement.
She is extremely intelligent, and it didn't make sense that she had reading challenges. She is very articulate, has an advanced vocabulary, and learns very effectively when information is presented orally.
When our COVA teacher suggested we check out your website, I did -- and was amazed. My daughter fit many of the indicators of dyslexia. At that point, she had been on an IEP for three years with very little improvement.
I have been using the Barton System since the beginning of last school year. I have seen incredible improvement in my daughter's reading ability.

Cynthia Bernard
Colorado Springs, CO


My husband and I are truly amazed by the progress our 9-year-old son has made. In the past 13 months, he has gone from not being able to read to not being able to put books down.

He is reading "Animorphs" at the moment, and he likes to read out loud to me on short drives. Recently he said to me, "I'm your live audio book!"

Emily Horne
Encinitas, CA


I wanted to let you know how wonderful the Barton System has been for my son. We hired a Barton tutor in 2005, when my son was 7 and in Kindergarten, at the bottom of his class and barely able to read and write. We knew he needed special help that the school didn't offer.

His progress has been tremendous. He is now in first grade and at the top of his class. His teacher says that he reads at a third grade level.

This has given him a confidence and self-assurance he didn't possess before. We now have a happy son who volunteers to explain spelling and grammar rules to the other kids in his class.

Thank you, and his tutor, for helping him succeed in school and in life.

Sacha Arts
Los Gatos, CA


My daughter is in third grade. She started the Barton System in June and is now on Level 3, Lesson 8. She has gone from reading at a 2.3 AR (Accelerated Reader) at the beginning of the year (just 7 weeks ago) to a 6.3 AR level at the end of last week. My daughter wants me to laminate her latest report because she is soooooo proud.

Because I have seen such great success, and I truly believe in this program, I'm making small steps in the direction of educating others. I met with the principal today to talk about holding an in-service day on dyslexia and starting a support group for parents. I had some of my daughter's reading scores, writing samples, and grades from this quarter with me -- and the principal was impressed by her growth.

She said they are always looking for new resources to use, and that what I'm doing is in the direction that the school would like to take. She was very interested in learning more about the Barton Reading & Spelling System, as long as it was scientifically based -- which I assured her it was.

Eileen Miller
Franklin, TN


Angelo is doing great with the Barton System. He is working with a Barton tutor in Pacifica. He's finally reading for pleasure !!!!!

Now I have to make him put the book down and turn off the light at night. YAHOO !!!!

Laura Novello
Half Moon Bay, CA


My daughter, Liz, is 9, homeschooled, and in 4th grade.
She got off to a much slower reading start than her brother, but I figured it was just her style. Then in 2nd grade, when her reading was not improving, she worked out every trick imaginable to keep from reading out loud to me, and any reading was becoming torture for both of us.
Her older brother had loved playing the phonics game, and he picked it up amazingly fast. For Liz, it was like a cruel punishment.
I didn't know what was going on, but the only reading disorder I knew the name of was dyslexia. So I did an internet search. I was amazed how other parents were exactly describing my daughter.
Now that I had a diagnosis, I needed a solution. More internet searches. I came across the Barton System, watched their video, and decided to give it a try.
We are currently in Level 6. Her reading has improved so much it is amazing. Today she was asked to read out loud at church. She hesitated for only a second before she agreed to read a passage, unrehearsed, in front of 30+ people. The only word that tripped her up was "idolatry" - not a word she comes across too often in her 4th grade readers. I was so proud I was bursting.
Before Barton, Liz had wanted to read at church like her older brother, but when we tried to practice even the simplest reading, she would skip words, read them wrong, and quickly get embarrassed.
Now Liz reads for pleasure at night, is reading at grade level, and is gaining in fluency and speed every day.
Thank you for giving my daughter the gift of reading.

Theresa Daviet
Las Cruces, NM


My son entered the Barton program at the beginning of first grade. I was amazed at how much progress Grant made by the end of the year. He went from hating school to loving it. A huge part was due to his success in reading.

I can't imagine where Grant would be without the Barton program. I hope other children who struggle with reading and learning disabilities will have the same opportunities that my son has had.

Danielle Messinger
Pleasanton, CA


In 5th grade we realized that our son was about to enter middle school, and yet was still functionally illiterate.

I began working on Level 1 with Danny, and for the first time, I could see that things were making sense to him.

His reversals of letters and numbers when writing went away. It was amazing.

A quantum leap in his spelling and reading comprehension took place.

We've been using the Barton System for 18 months. Danny made the Honor Roll this year. His most recent report card was straight-A's!

The school principal was so impressed by Danny's improvement that she ordered the Barton System.

Mike Billo
San Francisco, CA


I have been purchasing the Barton Reading & Spelling System for my children, all of whom have various learning disabilities (including dyslexia) and attention issues.
I have used other O-G based programs to teach them, but so far, based on completion of Levels 1 and 2 with my children, I am finding this to be, by far, the most complete method I have ever used.
I am VERY enthusiastic about the results I am seeing already. As a homeschool mom for 11 years of 4 children with learning challenges, this is BY FAR the best program I have found.

Michele Reuter
Yulee, FL


I wanted to let you know how much your tutoring program has helped my daughter.

Knowing Beth had dyslexia, I began tutoring her when she was 5. By the time she started Kindergarten, she was in Level 3.

I just had a parent-teacher conference last Friday, and Beth is at the top of her class in reading.

Candi Houghton
Visalia, CA


When it came to reading, my daughter's frustration could be seen in her contorted face as she tried to sound out words. It was incredibly painful to watch her struggle day after day.

Today, after only 18 months of instruction with the Barton System, she enjoys reading! At night she goes to her room to read to her sister. She reads signs as we drive on the freeway. She even catches my errors. I'm dyslexic. I cannot tell you how her corrections bring tears to my eyes.

Feel free to give out my email address to anyone who wants to know how a dyslexic child has been successfully homeschooled using your program.

Wendi Fawns
Pleasanton, CA


Although my grandson did "okay" in Kindergarten, he did not do as well as we expected. After learning more about dyslexia, when first grade began, I asked the school to test him for dyslexia. They said he definitely has it.

So I hired a Certified Barton tutors to work with him twice a week.

He is now in second grade. His teacher says that he is a champion reader. He has no problems with any part of their reading program.

Thank you for helping us find such a wonderful tutor for our grandson.

Ann Myers
San Jose, CA


I'd like to thank you for the Barton System.

My son has always loved reading -- when someone else was doing it. If he wasn't listening to an audiobook, he was asking us to read to him. It gave him a great vocabulary (which made him good at guessing words), but he couldn't read himself.

When I found the list of symptoms of dyslexia on your website, I just started crying because it described him exactly. We suddenly knew why this smart little boy who loved reading just couldn't do it himself.

He's doing so much better now. We homeschool, so he has to be tested every year. I chose the Peabody (PIAT) because the format was more relaxed (my son HATES timed activities, and gets stressed when he's being tested). He's nine, but got 95th percentile for reading recognition and comprehension. His spelling was 53rd percentile - right where he should be for his age.

Considering he was at preschool level about a year and a half ago, that's a great result! Not that we needed the test to know he was doing better :-)

Vanessa Stephan
Andover, MD


My second grade-daughter hated school and often came home crying. She complained that the other kids laughed at her. I was concerned about my daughter's skills and horrified that she hated school!

My daughter began the Barton Reading System in October. I am thrilled to report her progress. In just two months, her reading improved by 20 words per minute. She now loves school. She also loves to read. She still has more work ahead, but she loves "doing Barton." Thank you for such a wonderful program.

Susan Garcia
Pleasanton, CA


I am on Level 3 with my daughter. I see a HUGE improvement. I am no longer worried about junior and senior high. I know she will be ok.

The Barton System is an answer to a prayer! Thank you!

Cynthia Dapello
Claremont, CA


I'd like to share a quick success story. A few weeks ago, I discovered my son curled up in a chair reading a reference book on the Civil War. This was literally the first time I had seen him reading for pleasure. He did need help with a few words, but many of the long words (superintendent, overwhelming) he was able to read by breaking into syllables.

He was so excited that he kept sharing information from the book with me. He's 10 years old and is nearing the end of Level 4 of the Barton System.

He's always had the desire to read, but he is now learning the skills necessary to do so. We are both so pleased with his progress.

Becky Dunda
Louisville, KY


Her writing has improved dramatically. Her reading is improving. She's more successful with spelling. She's happy again. She's finally participating in class. Overall, her whole attitude has changed. Even her teacher has noticed.

Rachel Garcia
Pleasanton, CA


I've been very pleased with my son's progress. His reading has improved as well as his writing. He has more confidence in reading, and he's willing to read aloud now.

His confidence level is higher, so he enjoys school more. He will now pick up a book and read it on his own, where he never would before. I could not be happier with his progress.

Kathy Bertolini
Pleasanton, CA



His tutor, Sheila Larson, is fantastic! I can't say enough good things about Sheila or the Barton program. They have both helped Matt so much.

Before his dyslexia was diagnosed, we tried everything -- Score, several private tutors including his beloved Kindergarten teacher, etc. Nothing worked and it all just served to frustrate Matt.

He would throw tantrums when he knew we were headed to Score or to a session with his tutor. When the crying would stop, he'd say things like, "I love Mrs. C but I hate practicing spelling with her."

With Sheila and the Barton System, there is never a complaint because he knows how much it has helped him.

I know you must hear this all the time: thank you for creating the Barton System. It's the only thing that has helped him.

Katherine Carlo
Livermore, CA


I have been home schooling for over 6 years, and I've been searching for a curriculum that would help my children with their reading and spelling, as well as be easy to use and not require a great deal of training outside the home. I had almost given up hope when I finally stumbled across the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

The Barton System's train-as-you-go style makes it extremely easy to use. All the lessons are laid out very clearly, and it's lots of fun. In just a few short months, my son's spelling has improved, and he has even commented on how the system has helped him to hear sounds in the words he spells.

My daughter, who was always reluctant to pick up a book, can hardly be found without one now, and her spelling has improved tremendously. They both look forward to our time together, especially the games at the end.

I am very excited about the Barton System. I hope many more homeschooling families will find it to be the key to their child's success in reading and spelling.

Linda Luebker
Castro Valley, CA


The best part is the confidence he now has while reading. He doesn't just guess at the bigger words. He can break them apart and discern the sounds. I'm very thankful for finding the Barton System. We had tried a private tutor and a Score center. They didn't work. He was still struggling.

The Barton System has taught him to 'hear' all the different sounds, to take them apart, and to put them back together. It's a program that has worked wonders for my son.

Victoria Rosenberg
Pleasanton, CA


My son Kolton is 8 and in second grade. When I started tutoring him in October, the teacher said he was reading at the preprimer (or Kindergarten) level. Kolton has steadily improved.

It is now March. He is in the middle of Level 3. His teacher just retested him, and he is now reading on a 2nd grade independent level, and a 3rd grade instructional level. Isn't that just awesome?

Debbie Copple
Davenport, FL


At an IEP meeting, I was told that I needed to understand that some children were not capable of learning to read, and that I might need to resign myself to the fact that Kyle wouldn't ever learn how to read - despite his high IQ.
I began the Barton System in July. At that time, Kyle, who is 11, could not read a simple book such as the Berestain Bears. Simple sentences were frustrating because he guessed at so many words.
We have just started Level 4. Now he can read Magic Treehouse books independently. His reading is still slow, but he can sound out the long words. He is very proud of his achievements.
We actually have not tutored for a few weeks because he is enjoying spending time reading by himself.
He is now working more independently at school, and we are having fewer days when he complains about headaches and stomachaches when it is time to go to school.
I also want to add that this system has saved us lots of money. I have tutored him myself. Compared to the cost we thought we would have to pay for brain training, private tutoring, and vision therapy, this has been so simple and far less expensive.

Kerry Anderson
Thousand Oaks, CA


Because he sees how much the Barton Reading and Spelling System has helped him, my second grade son asks, "Mommy, why can't everybody have tutoring?" This system has saved our family years of searching and frustration, and has given my son the confidence to continue trying. I appreciate the step-by-step details of the lesson plans and the integration of spelling along with reading.

Sue Maass
Cupertino, CA


Jillian has been tutored for three months. We have already seen much improvement in her grammar, spelling and reading. She is very proud of her accomplishments. She now reads on her own, without prompting, and often brags about being able to figure out new words.

Greg Blandino
Pleasanton, CA


The Barton Reading and Spelling System is an Orton-Gillingham-based program. It is meant mainly for home use, so it can potentially save you a lot in clinician fees. There are training tapes for the parents.

Susan Barton, the author and creator of the system, is readily available to answer questions via email or phone. The personal attention and direction you receive is amazing!

(The Barton System was given a 5 Star Rating, their top rating.)

from LDReview.com,
a consumer's guide written by parents


I've seen my daughter make huge strides in reading ability, and her interest in reading has increased tremendously. It used to be when I asked her to read, she didn't want to. Now she picks up a book and reads it on her own. That's a huge change. She even had a meltdown last week because she wanted to read aloud to the family, but it was past her bedtime.

Mary Linchey
Pleasanton, CA


The Barton System has made a great difference to my daughter. Her reading, comprehension, and joy in reading have all improved because of this program. She is becoming more confident, and she can now attack words successfully.

In spelling last year, she struggled so much. Now she gets assigned 15 words each week, and gets 12-13 right.

Her reading is more fluid. She wants to try words she has not seen before, and often gets them right. All of her teachers have seen the difference.

This program is special and needs to spread. If you need a voice, I pledge my support.

Paul Theobald
Pleasanton, CA


Claire is blossoming at school. She completed the first three Barton levels before starting fourth grade, so she is in the regular reading group. She is thrilled to be participating in grade-level novel studies. She loves to read!

Her written expression has greatly improved now that she has the tools to proofread her own work.

I can't thank you enough for developing the Barton System for parents like me, who have limited access to services and training.

It is, by far, the most cohesive, understandable reading and spelling program I have ever taught -- and I taught elementary school for 14 years.

Cathy Struck
Red Lodge, MT


It was while I was being trained to be a tutor in the Barton System that I realized my own son needed to be tested for dyslexia. Before my training, I didn't understand his struggles or how to help him. He is currently being tutored, and with only a few weeks under his belt, I already see his self-confidence improving!

The Barton System is user friendly, both for the student and the tutor.

Nancy denBroeder
Pleasanton, CA


My son is now in Level 5 of the Barton System and he's in a reading frenzy. When we were shopping at Costco, I finally had to take his book away. He said it was so good he couldn't put it down. Those were the magic words I'd hoped to hear for so many years.

After one year of tutoring, he's gone from struggling with second-grade readers to rapidly and accurately reading -- and loving -- fifth-grade books. Your system is fabulous.

Sharon Marriott
Livermore, CA


I'd like to send a note of praise regarding the Barton Reading and Spelling System. I am a parent AND a tutor. The Barton System gives students rules to follow and "tricks" to help them remember the rules. In my opinion, it is a program that helps the "falling through the cracks" kids who are bright but struggle with reading.

My son is one who needed this program. He now picks up things to read that he wouldn't have considered a year ago.

Victoria Rosenberg
Pleasanton, CA


I have been so excited teaching The Barton System and seeing results in such a short time. My son Adam is doing very well. In fact, he is now ineligible for resource! I have been waiting for this day for years!

I just want to tell the world that test results prove that with hard work, determination, and the Barton System, a dyslexic child can learn to read and spell.

If you ever need a testimonial for the Barton System, please let me know.

Louise Petersen
Ahwahnee, CA

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As a professional tutor already trained in the Lindamood-Bell LiPS program, I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the Barton System and have put it to immediate use.

Your color coding system is wonderful. And I love the physical aspect of your syllable division breaking process. The color coding of prefixes and suffixes makes it easy to see the baseword and derivatives, which is recommended by current research.

I liked the looks of your system, and I'm even more impressed now that I've worked with it for awhile. I'm trying to get the county literacy program to acquire this great system.

Suzanne Coutchie, Reading Coach
Davis, CA


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I have had a very rewarding experience being a Barton tutor these past few months. I am a retired primary school teacher, and I wanted to help out a friend who homeschooled three of her boys. I had no idea I would learn so much about teaching students with dyslexia and ADHD. You have opened my eyes and improved my teaching skills. Thank you.

Bev Lucas, retired teacher
Browns Valley, CA


Here at Alma Heights Christian Academy, we have trained 4 teachers, 7 teacher aides, and 6 parent volunteers to use the Barton System. As a result, 34 students are being tutored with the Barton System.

Our teachers have embraced it, and they are coming up with innovative ways to ensure all students who need it, get it.

In November, we plan to train 3 more teachers to enable them to supervise an upper-class / Kindergarten Barton reading buddy program.

Thank you for making the future brighter for these students.

Belinda Casas
Alma Heights Christian Academy
Pacifica, CA


I am an educator with seventeen years of elementary experience. I am currently working with two students in the Barton System. One is a first grader who was retained last year. She had a very difficult time hearing and breaking up sounds. She is now able to break words down into their individual sounds. Her mother reports that she is sounding out words for the very first time and is more successful with reading. This program has also eliminated her b-d confusion.

My other student is a fourth grader. She came into the program not knowing her vowel sounds and reading very slowly. She has now mastered her short vowel sounds. Her teacher reports that her spelling has improved dramatically. I have also seen her fluency rate greatly increase. When we began she was using the lowest reader available. Within a matter of weeks she needed to move up to more difficult material.

Diana Orton-Johansson
Dublin, CA


I can't believe that I am almost 50 years old and I've never known any of this. I didn't even know what a phoneme was until I looked it up in the dictionary.

When I started volunteering at the literacy program, I thought to myself, "This is something that I can do because I read really well." Well, it didn't take me long to figure out that doing and teaching are completely different.

Now I understand what the struggling kids are dealing with. I had my doubts at the beginning whether or not I could teach this way, but I'm getting more confident. I can't tell you how impressed I am by your system.

Joan Lehman
Copperopolis, CA


I have had the privilege of tutoring a 7th grade student this year. This young lady has been a pure delight. She works hard, is patient with my learning curve, and is greatly appreciative.

Last week, after five months of tutoring, she just received her very first ever PERFECT SCORE on a spelling test. She was beaming with pride. She explained that she uses the finger spelling technique in class, despite the fact that classmates ask why she is counting.

Thank you, Susan, for a program that helps kids become successful.

Katina Roeder
Pleasanton, CA


I'd love to share the success of my two students. I began tutoring each of them twice a week when the were in first grade. They are now in third grade and are receiving all A's and B's.
One is reading at grade level, while the other is actually reading a year above grade level.
They are so excited and proud that no one can tell they have dyslexia.
Their parents are tremendous supporters of this program because they see the fabulous growth in their children.
I love being a private tutor.

Anne Barness
Billings, MT


Logan just finished Level 10 of the Barton System.
When we began tutoring about 3 years ago, his end-of-year state standards test for English-Language Arts was unscorable. This past spring, he scored near the top of the Advanced range, which is 400 - 600. His score was 558.
Thanks to your incredible tutoring system, his dedicated family, and Logan (for always giving it his best), he has made tremendous strides. I am so proud to be part of his success.

Carmen Brandes
Certified Barton Tutor at the Masters Level
Sunland, CA


The Barton System is extremely well organized, success oriented, and user friendly. For five months now, I've been using it to tutor a 10 year old child with dyslexia twice a week for an hour each session. Her reading skill had stagnated for years at the first grade level. This system has helped her tremendously. We're making great progress, and her mother is delighted.

Vicky Garcia
Oakland, CA


I am just a beginning tutor using the Barton System during the summer. I am tutoring one of my students from last year (second grade). I felt sure she had dyslexia, but had no way of really diagnosing it. Her parents were willing to try something new -- the old ways were not working. She was reading below grade level and her spelling was atrocious.

I was very unsure about the first level; she seemed beyond that. However, we went diligently through each lesson, taking our time to make sure we were doing everything correctly.

When we hit level two, I have seen the parts coming together. She is now carefully double-checking her spelling using the b-p test, knowing that at this point, she can't trust her eyes to pick the right one. She now uses it consistently, and a major spelling error has been overcome. Her reading is consistently improving.

Thanks for the Barton system. It's easy to use and really works.

Cindy Burrow
Thomasville, NC


I have tutored Julia, a 4th grader, for 17 sessions. She just finished Level 3. Her mom just emailed this note:

Great news! Julia just received her report card. Her teacher commented that she has noticed an improvement in Julia's comprehension. She also managed to get straight-A's. Thank you for all you are doing to help her. It's making a huge difference.

Susan, I just want to thank you for making this possible. As a Barton tutor, I have the most rewarding occupation in the world. I never would have found it without you.

You must receive hundreds of notes about the miraculous way the Barton Reading & Spelling System has changed lives. Add mine to the pile.

Laurie Frydenlund
Ft. Myers, FL


I am currently tutoring 18 students, ages 8 to 17, with much success and tears -- tears of happiness at the positive change in these children's lives.

One boy drew me a chart yesterday, showing me that he was at the bottom of his class last year in reading and is now at the top.

Another boy is in a behavior disorder school and was unable to read -- period. Not only is he in Lesson 4 of Level 3, but his behavior has changed drastically as well.

A high school junior who struggled to make C's and D's his freshman year now has A's and 2 B+'s and plans to go to college.

I could go on and on.

Joanna Roper
Metamora, IL


I am a kindergarten teacher. This is my second year tutoring a third-grade student with the Barton System. I enjoy seeing the amazing progress she is making. An unexpected bonus, for me, is how my knowledge of the Barton System has enhanced how I teach in my regular classroom.

Lynn Eklund
Pleasanton, CA


As a volunteer tutor, I particularly appreciate the fully scripted lesson plans. The Barton System books give me the words I need to explain the reading and spelling rules, and they remind me to encourage and praise my students. Most important, the program works! I have seen dramatic improvements in the reading and spelling skills of all the students I tutor.

Sandy Gant
Saratoga, CA


The way the material is presented in the tutor manuals is wonderful. It is precise, easy to follow and thorough. It gives you confidence to know that every single step is covered in detail. Not only have my students learned a lot from this system, I have too.

Penny Beeston
Cupertino, CA

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I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the Barton Reading and Spelling System. I am seeing wonderful success with my students. Their parents are pleased, and the students like coming to me for tutoring because your system makes sense to them.

Carol Ann Hood,
professional tutor
Scotts Valley, CA


Reading Specialists & RSPs Back to Top

I am a retired reading teacher. I have taught reading for over 25 years using basal programs,
co-operative learning,
Success For All, Four Blocks, and whole language.

When I retired, I started tutoring 2 students using the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

I finally know how to teach reading.

One student is now at grade level. The other is above grade level.

Bev Doyle
Olney, Maryland


It is March. We have only been using the Barton System since September. The progress is AMAZING. Some teachers have seen their students improve by 400 lexile points on reading tests. The teachers can't stop talking about the Barton System.

Sidney Hough, Literacy Specialist
Monument, CO


I am a former reading intervention teacher, having worked with students in grades K-3 for 17 years. I taught Title 1 reading groups (14 years), Reading Recovery (8 years), organized word sorting groups across grade levels, taught core reading to the lowest first graders using Open Court, and strengthened phonemic awareness skills of kindergarten and first graders.

I've been trained in and administered the following assessments: DIBELS, Reading Recovery Observation Survey, John's Individual Reading Inventory, and the Qualitative Reading Inventory. Throughout my years of teaching, I have been an essential part of numerous intervention team meetings in many elementary schools.

Recently I became involved with Karen Austen and her after-school tutoring program using the Barton Reading & Spelling System. I have watched your DVDs from the demo through Level 3 and am hooked.

In all of my prior classes and experiences, the term 'dyslexia' and training specific to this learning disability, were almost non-existent. Amazing!

Your method of teaching reading encompasses all the areas in a very explicit and systematic format. I love the way it is laid out in an easy-to-follow form, taking guesswork out of the equation.

I know it will work for students with dyslexia -- because I know what doesn't.

Rebecca Mazzeo
Former Reading Intervention Teacher
Madison, OH


For several years, I struggled to find the materials / system / program that would be easy to implement, not too cumbersome, yet contained all the elements I wanted. After attending eight days of intensive Orton-Gillingham training last year, I knew I wanted to use the OG approach. But because I had to gather materials from many different sources, it was very time consuming to implement.
With the Barton System, I have everything I need in just a few easy-to-use components.
But more importantly, it gets to the heart of reading, and how it should be taught. I feel the time I spend with my students is much more effective and productive. I love the Barton System!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lisa Sievers, Remedial Reading Teacher
Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy
Forest City, NC


Last year, when we applied for California Distinguished School Recognition Award, we demonstrated to the evaluating team how we use your tutoring program as one of our signature practices.
We received this high honor with many thanks to your fabulous program.
The evaluating team suggested integrating some of the procedures and spelling rules into the classroom because they would be beneficial to all students. So with the support and approval of our administrators, we opened up a summer workshop and had 16 teachers complete training on Levels 1 through 4.
The teachers who attended are very excited about piloting rules from the Barton Reading and Spelling System in their classrooms.

Joanne O'Neill, Curriculum Support Teacher
Coyote Creek Elementary
San Ramon, CA


I have been searching for a system like this my entire professional career. We are now using the Barton System as our primary remediation method for our special education students with reading and spelling needs.

I also highly recommend its use to parents whose children need systematic one-to-one reading and spelling instruction. The Barton System training DVDs, with their fully scripted lesson plans, provide enough support for parents to become effective tutors.

A significant number of parent volunteers are using these professionally designed lesson plans on a one-to-one basis with at-risk students at our school, twice a week, with impressive results. The Barton System works!

Rod Proctor, Resource Specialist
Saratoga, CA


I wanted to let you know what a difference the Barton System has made in my life as an educator, and how your influence is spreading. We have a site license at our school, and we are using the Barton System both as Tier III remediation and as part of an early intervention program.

My school is a Title 1 school, yet this year, our kids scored higher than the "country club" schools in our district.

Due to that success, my district is now purchasing site licenses for the first four Barton levels for each of our elementary schools.

And something even more incredible just happened. I received a call from our State Department of Education asking me to make a presentation to the administrators about the program at our school.

Pam Evans, Kindergarten teacher
Benton, AR


Three years ago, we started using the Barton Reading & Spelling System in a small way in our district. We had 7 students who had not been able to pass the TAKS end-of-year statewide standards test. They flunked it all 3 times they were allowed to take it.

After only 9 months of one-on-one Barton tutoring for 45 minutes a day, all 7 students passed the TAKS test -- 2 with commendations, and 2 with perfect scores.

Last year, we expanded our use of the Barton System to the 55 students identified with dyslexia in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. At the end of those grades, 53 of the 55 passed the TAKS test the first time they took it. (The 2 students who did not pass did started Barton tutoring very late in the school year.)

That's why this year, we will be using the Barton Reading & Spelling System with struggling students in every school in our district.

Ernie Maldanado
Dyslexia Specialist for Weslaco School District
Weslaco, TX


I convinced our assistant superintendent to let me spend my Title 1 money to buy the first four levels of the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

I have been Lindamood-Bell trained, trained by Denver Academy in F.A.S.T., and have attended many other Orton-Gillingham training seminars and classes. But your system is absolutely brilliant.

My aide and I have been 'high fiving' each other every day when we use your explicit, systematic, sequential program and see it work before our eyes!

You have hit every nail on the head, and you've assimilated all of the best practices into your program.

The best part is that you've made it so accessible and easy that I can train my aides to teach any student we get.

I know you've heard this many times, Susan, but I can't wait until I can order the rest of the system. It is the best out there.

Jackie Tidd, Reading Specialist
Aspen Community School
Woody Creek, CO


I am a reading specialist for the Valley View School System, and we have targeted Barton intervention for those students who display signs of dyslexia.
I have tried two other Orton Gillingham based programs, and yours is my favorite. It is the easiest to use, requires fewer materials, and I see results almost immediately on the DIBELS Nonsense Word Fluency and Phoneme Segmentation.

Sarah Manchester, Reading Specialist
Valley View Elementary
Jonesboro, AR


Two years ago, Michael came to our school as a sophomore. He was very quiet and uncooperative. He sat in the back of the class and did not participate. His grades were terrible.

I began tutoring Michael in January. A month later, his literature teacher brought me his paper and wanted to know how to grade it. It contained only two lines. The first line had no punctuation, capitalization or spaces. The second was easy to read: "What's the point?"

The following year she brought me his paper. It was five pages long! He had become such an animated and self-assured young man that he was an absolute joy to have in class.

In October, he had to take the Washington Assessment of Student Learning test. Level 1-well below standard, Level 2-below standard, Level 3-meets standard (average to above average), Level 4-exceeds standard.

Michael shared his scores with us: 3 in Math, 3 in Writing, and 4 in Reading!!! He was very proud, and we were dancing on the rooftops!

Candice Craddick, Vice Principal
House of the Lord Christian Academy
Oldtown, ID


I am a former Reading Improvement teacher. I was often frustrated that there was not a quality, hands-on, accessible and complete program that I could use with my students.

I am now a Barton tutor.

This is the best reading program I have ever seen or been trained in. This program could literally rescue hundreds (maybe thousands) of our poor readers from years of frustration and low-level reading.

Katie Thompson
former Reading Improvement teacher
Pleasanton, CA


I am a 5th grade teacher. Early this year, I discovered your website, then arranged for a member of your Speakers Bureau to give an inservice on dyslexia to our teachers. It was a huge success.
I then wrote and received a Great Ideas Grant from the Educational Foundation of Indian River County and got the Barton System. I started tutoring two 5th grade boys, who had made little or no progress on school reading and spelling assessments, for 30 minutes every day before school.
In less than 3 months, Student A's Oral Reading Fluency rate increased from 63 to 102. Student B's rate increased from 53 to 91.
Their spelling also improved. Student A went from averaging 48% on his weekly spelling tests (an F) to 82%. Student B is now getting 100% on many of his weekly spelling tests.
Their parents are so excited and encouraged. For the first time, I am actually looking forward to receiving the FCAT results for the students in my class.

Jamie Verola, Fifth Grade Teacher
Rosewood Magnet School
Vero Beach, FL


The Barton System has changed the lives of all 7 of the students I am currently tutoring. They ask to come more often than 3 times a week.

It is thrilling to hear their successes in school when they had so few successes in the past.

My 7-year-old student got his first ever 100% on his spelling test.

Jane Conlin
Reading Specialist
St. Paul, MN


We have just completed the spring progress-monitoring of DIBELS and have realized some incredible success with the first grade students who have been receiving intervention using the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

I snuck the Barton System in the back door of my school. I used it, as did my ESE and Title One Instructional Assistants. But now that I have data to show such incredible improvement, my principal has opened the front door in grand fashion and will allow K-2 intervention to take place next year.

In at least 95% of the cases, the PSF scores increased dramatically, and the NWF scores really took off. The kids were blending sounds into words, not just spitting out the sounds. Some of the kids who had been behavior problems in their classroom stopped acting out.

They actually began to understand this whole "reading thing" and began attending during classroom instruction. It's been exciting for all of us to watch.

Some parents have even stopped the teachers and asked, "What is going on with my child? He tries to read everything now. Before, he would not even try."

Sue Hoyt
Discovery Elementary School
Satellite Beach, Florida


Since completing the Diagnosing Dyslexia course, I have been able to introduce the Barton Reading & Spelling System to my elementary school through the Special Services team. Every child who has started your program has met with success, and progress is seen very early in the program.

We have even convinced the Middle school, into which our students feed, to continue doing the Barton System.

Thank you for making this program so accessible to our teachers. No longer do we have to worry about new teachers in Special Services not being trained to teach the program program. Your DVDs make it a snap!

Amanda Galtois, Guidance Counselor
Mary Queen of Peace School
St. John's, Newfoundland Canada


Although we have only been working in the Barton program together a short time, the change in the body posture of these students is so amazing. They walk with more confidence, now with their heads looking up and forward — no longer down or to the side.

These students were the ones who avoided class and who could care less about anything which required them to read. I wish you could see them now as we work together. They do not want to stop.

The Barton System has not only improved their reading and spelling skills, but also their self-esteem! It is GREAT to see their smiles, their confidence, and their willingness to participate in class.

Mary Charuhas, SDC Paraeducator
Pleasanton, CA


I've gone through both the Barton and the Wilson system. I have found many benefits to yours over Wilson.

Your system incorporates a multisensory approach to sight words. Wilson does not have that.

Yours has a fluency and phrasing part in each lesson that Wilson does not have.

Students learn how to construct sentences as well as write dictated sentences.

Your scope and sequence goes to a higher level.

Although the Wilson System is strong, yours is much stronger.

Danny O'Donnell
Kintnersville, PA


I have been a special education teacher for the past 18 years. I work in the Special Day Class with high school students. These students typically read at the second to fourth grade levels. Despite years of Special Ed help, improvement is usually minimal.

But my SDC high school students using the Barton System have shown 4 to 7 years of growth in reading when tutored twice a week for 2 years.

With the state's demands for higher standards and test scores, we must offer our struggling students a reading program that works — like the Barton System.

Gail Myers, SDC Teacher
Pleasanton, CA



I am currently using the Barton Reading & Spelling System at the middle school level with several students who have reading difficulties related to dyslexia. Our school district has been trying hard to find ways to address the needs of our special education and non-special education students with reading delays.

Thankfully, because of the progress our "pilot" students have made, our superintendent has given permission to purchase the program for all of the schools in the district.

Tracey Ward, School Psychologist
Boyle County Schools
Danville, KY


The Barton System works no matter what reading disability my students have been diagnosed with. I can now accomplish in a couple of months what it took me years to accomplish before.

June Campbell, Resource Specialist
San Jose, CA


I wanted to let you know how the Barton System has already impacted my Special Ed. students.

I have two high school juniors who are currently being tutored twice a week in the Barton System. After the third week, one student proudly told me how much he had improved. He expressed joy at reading faster and comprehending more. His mother called, asking me to increase his tutoring from twice to three times a week.

My other student tells me that he can finally read his textbook without "faking it." He participates more in class discussions because he can read and understand the textbook.

Duch Anderson, RSP
Pleasanton, CA


I was very impressed with the care you used in making sure that tutors are knowledgeable about the phonology of the English language when teaching their students. Your program is structured carefully with step-by-step instruction involving all the components of reading that are so crucial to student success.

Dr. Carol Tolman
Spofford, NH


I have been a resource aide for three years, and a volunteer Barton tutor for two years. I have found the Barton Reading & Spelling System easy to understand and implement.

Kim Vandiver, Resource Aide
Pleasanton, CA


I run a small private school for ADD/LD/Dyslexic middle school students. I purchased your program this past summer to implement in my classroom and in my private clinic.

I have been so impressed with the results I have been seeing using your program. We initially tested the kids in August prior to enrollment. We tested again in October and I saw a good growth pattern then. But now, in our January testing, I am amazed at our success (and yours). My students have gained an average of 2 years in the past 5 months in reading and spelling!

Anna Cunerty, The Brain Cell
Upland, CA


The Barton System has shown me that through the support of volunteer tutors in our community, we can help struggling readers and writers achieve what may have seemed to be impossible. This one-on-one tutoring program is an invaluable asset to the students.

I have nothing but praise for the effectiveness of the Barton System.

Nancy Day, Teacher
Pleasanton, CA


We used the Barton System with 28 students in small groups last year. Feedback from the parents was very positive. They felt the program was extremely helpful.

Thanks for creating such a great program.

Kim Thompson, Learning Specialist
Baymonte Christian School
Scotts Valley, CA


When this student began third grade, he was disinterested in reading altogether, and he was unable to read grade-level material fluently.

With the support of the Barton System, he is now confident in his abilities, and he's able to comfortably read grade-level material. He now has the ability to read multi-syllabic words.

Amy Soule, Third Grade Teacher
Pleasanton, CA


I am so proud of the progress my students have made with your program since last spring. One of my students in sixth grade has moved through Levels 1 and 2 and is beginning Level 3. It has been slow and steady and really worth the effort on his part and on mine. His reading has improved as well as his spelling. He is now able to compete at the challenge word level in spelling bees, and read Stuart Little for his book report with great enthusiasm and comprehension.

I am so very grateful to you for providing this high-quality and super-effective system.

Denise Friedman, Resource Specialist
Chicago, IL


I had a fourth-grade student who was unable to read or spell even three-letter words. He has made amazing progress since September. His parents were quite defeated at the beginning of the year, but the success their son has had in the Barton System has made a difference for everyone.

Reading is one of the most critical skills that we teach, impacting all other subjects. It is essential that all children be given whatever materials and approach they need to master this skill.

Susan DiGirolamo, Resource Specialist
Pleasanton, CA


You did an excellent job in the design of your program. I am a "Learning Lab" supervisor. As a first time tutor, I find the organization and thoroughness of your program so helpful to me and my 3 students.

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such an excellent work on behalf of the kids who struggle with reading and spelling.

Patty Buller, Resource Specialist
Los Gatos, CA


My second-grade student's reading level has improved greatly. I'm very impressed. He now volunteers to read aloud in a small group. He's able to correct the wrong sound with minimal coaching from me.

I'm thankful for the Barton System. I knew he was struggling reader, but until now, I didn't know how to help him.

Peggy Coberly, Second Grade Teacher
Pleasanton, CA

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One of the first students I tutored using the Barton System was an upper-elementary student in Special Education, and a virtual non-reader when we began.

After one year, he was removed from Special Education because there was no longer a discrepancy.

Now he is an honors student in middle school.

Stacy J. Stewart, M.Ed., Educational Therapist
Los Gatos, CA


Adult Literacy Coordinators Back to Top

I just conducted my first Barton tutor-training session. I had 12 people take the class from four schools plus Head Start and the public school nurse. It went well thanks to your fantastic training videos.

Lani Raymond
Tok, AK


I marvel each day at the common-sense way this whole system is put together, and how easy it is to use.

Sandy Graham, Project Director
Read To Live
Walnut Creek, CA


I highly recommend the Barton Reading & Spelling System for library-based literacy programs. This system answers the need for accessible, expert guidance for volunteers teaching adults (and children) with reading disabilities.

It is easy for volunteer tutors to use because the lessons are fully scripted. Both volunteer tutors and learners feel successful using the Barton System.

This is the system that adult literacy programs have been waiting for.

Molly Sandperl Black
LD Coordinator, Project READ
Redwood City, CA


We've now trained 50 inmates to act as tutors within the New Jersey State Prison using your DVDs. The training was so successful. It was an "aha" experience, a real eye opener. They immediately recognized what was missing in their tutoring program.

Lois Young, Coordinator of ABC Prison Literacy
Princeton, NJ

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My second grade-daughter hated school and often came home crying. She complained that the other kids laughed at her. I was concerned about my daughter's skills and horrified that she hated school!

My daughter began the Barton Reading System in October. I am thrilled to report her progress. In just two months, her reading improved by 20 words per minute. She now loves school. She also loves to read. She still has more work ahead, but she loves "doing Barton." Thank you for such a wonderful program.

Susan Garcia
Pleasanton, CA



Professional Tutors Back to Top

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the Barton Reading and Spelling System. I am seeing wonderful success with my students. Their parents are pleased, and the students like coming to me for tutoring because your system makes sense to them.

Carol Ann Hood,
professional tutor
Scotts Valley, CA


As a professional tutor already trained in the Lindamood-Bell LiPS program, I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the Barton System and have put it to immediate use.

Your color coding system is wonderful. And I love the physical aspect of your syllable division breaking process. The color coding of prefixes and suffixes makes it easy to see the baseword and derivatives, which is recommended by current research.

I liked the looks of your system, and I'm even more impressed now that I've worked with it for awhile. I'm trying to get the county literacy program to acquire this great system.

Suzanne Coutchie, Reading Coach
Davis, CA


I have used other Orton-Gillingham-based programs before. They helped with reading, but the spelling part was always left behind. As a tutor, I was frustrated because the child's spelling was still a problem.

But in the Barton System, spelling is taught right along with reading. The spelling rules are simple enough for the child to understand and use. So their spelling improves along with their reading.

This is the difference between the Barton System and other OG programs that I have used in the past. I am really happy with Barton. I can testify that this program really works.

Dr. Annie Lopez
Andrews University
Center for Reading, Learning, and Assessment


My first student, Tyler, was 14 and had finished his freshman year in high school. Just before I started tutoring him, he was given the WIAT-II to assess his reading and spelling skills.

On June 20, 2006, his scores were:

Subtest Grade Equivalent Percentile
Word Reading
21 %ile
Pseudoword Decoding
10 %ile
23 %ile

He received tutoring three to four times a week, for 14 months.

On August 11, 2007, after he finished all 10 levels of the Barton System, his scores on that same test were:

Subtest Grade Equivalent Percentile
Word Reading
> 12.9
82 %ile
Pseudoword Decoding
> 12.9
81 %ile
Spelling **
63 %ile
** He spelled 4 words correctly that were counted wrong because they were homonyms of the dictated word. If those 4 words had counted, his spelling score would have been:
> 12.9
86 %ile


Rosemarie Hoffman
Certified Barton tutor - at the Advanced level
Woodstock, GA


I finally have the resources at my fingertips to help parents and students with Dyslexia and with reading delays. I am a reading tutor by trade, and have used many different strategies and programs. I can, from the bottom of my heart and soul, tell people that your program is the finest I have ever used.

The Lord put you on this earth to educate and spread your knowledge. I will do everything in my power to bring families and adult students to you.
Kerry Nickerson
Phoenix, AZ


When I started tutoring a 6th grade student in April, she was reading at a 3.5 grade level according to the SDRT score on her IEP testing.

After tutoring her for only 7 months, the school retested her using the SDRT. She is now reading at a 7.7 grade level.

Wow! That is a 4.2 grade level increase in only 7 months in a student with both dyslexia and ADD.

Margarette Pang
Dyslexia Tutoring Center of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI


I am using your system with 12 students, and each child or teenager is having great success! Their parents, teachers, and the students love how the program helps them read, write and spell better. I have recently started working with two adults, as well.

Thank you for creating such an easy-to-use but extremely effective program. You are saving all these kids (and their parents) from years of unnecessary heartache and struggle.

It only takes one person to change a child's entire future, and you have done that (indirectly) many times over. Thank you for allowing others (like me) to use this program to help people.

Christine Driscoll
Certified Barton Tutor
Great Mills, MD


The 17-year-old senior boy that I tutor came in very excited today. Some kids had started to tease him that the couldn't spell a long word, but he proved to them that he could. He shared that he had tapped the syllables on his leg that was under the desk.

His whole world is opening up now that he can read. He told me that he is thinking about being a builder now that he can read. Before, he was just going to try to run a yard work business.

He passed the Science portion of the High School Exit Exam, after failing it last year because, as he put it, he could read the words this time.

Rosemarie Hoffman
Woodstock, GA


Happy New Year, Susan. You know what a fan I am of the Barton program. I wanted to briefly share this with you.

One of my students, who is severely dyslexic, received straight A's on her 6th grade report card and was exited out of Special Ed. The resource specialist told her parents that rarely, if ever, happens. Her parents are thrilled, and I am extremely proud to have been part of helping her achieve her potential.

Another student of mine is in first grade this year. He is also severely dyslexic. His kindergarten teacher was not hopeful that he would ever learn to read. When he started Barton tutoring, his sentences were just a string of letters. He is now reading and writing wonderful sentences.

Thank you for letting me share a few of my success stories. I am extremely proud of all of my students. I feel like I have found my calling.

Kim Vandiver
Pleasanton, CA


I went to school to become a teacher in a regular classroom setting. I have had an opportunity to do that and enjoyed that job.

But I find that tutoring children one-on-one is extremely rewarding. It's so wonderful to share something with children that you (and they) can see works!

Thank you so much for developing the Barton System.

Christina Aronen, Professional Tutor
Campbell, CA


Your program is wonderful. I had read that your system and the Wilson system are the two programs to use for dyslexics. Having used both, yours is so much easier to follow! All in one book. Thanks again!

Deb Taylor, Tutor
Columbus, MS


I would like to share with you that your program has opened the eyes and touched the lives of those around them. Twice, I have had moms cry as they watched "their babies" read with success.

My students start to use your strategies immediately in their classroom, thus proving that it works.

Thanks for developing the Barton System.

Randy Beld
Certified Barton Tutor
Stockton, CA


One of the first students I tutored using the Barton System was an upper-elementary student in Special Education, and a virtual non-reader when we began.

After one year, he was removed from Special Education because there was no longer a discrepancy.

Now he is an honors student in middle school.

Stacy J. Stewart, M.Ed.
Educational Therapist
Los Gatos, CA


One of my students could not read, write or spell at all in first grade. He was a discipline problem, and he was referred for special ed.

I have been working with him all year in second grade, providing him with one-on-one tutoring with the Barton System.

He now reads at an end-of-third-grade level, and he has learned to spell. He comes to Scrabble Club and Spelling Bee Club every week, loves to spell, is no longer a discipline problem, and is being considered for the Gifted program.

He walks around with the biggest smile on his face. That is why I love my job!!!

Debra Fritz
K-5 Reading Specialist
Evansville, WI


A third grader I recently tested is from a little town up toward the Canadian border. His special ed teacher was getting nowhere, but his classroom teacher and Title 1 teacher were already providing accommodations, and they were determined to get him the right kind of reading program.

I showed the parents and the Title teacher the Barton Levels that I use. The parents ordered the first one right away, and the Title 1 teacher set up her schedule so she could use it to tutor him one-on-one for at least 45 minutes every school day. He does all of his reading with her.

He is now in Level 3. The school decided it was working so well that they reimbursed the parent for the first three levels of the Barton System, and they will continue to purchase the other levels as he is ready for them.

I thought you'd like to know that good things are happening here in eastern Montana.

Barbara Dornfield
Sidney, Montana


Next week, I'll be finishing Level 8 with an 18-year-old student who has been tutored every day. She is the most motivated student I have ever had. She wanted to make as much progress as possible before she moved out of the area.

When we started six months ago, she did not know most of the vowel sounds, nor the digraph or unit sounds.

She can how read and spell five- and six-syllable words, flawlessly, by sounding out. It has been a wonderful six months for both of us.

I love this work !!!!

Sandy Graham
Certified Barton Tutor
Chico, CA


I consider myself lucky to have discovered my passion. The Barton System has allowed me to serve my clients well, and their progress has been incredibly gratifying.

Carol Aines, Learning Specialist
Livermore, CA


Currently I am tutoring 3 boys, ages 8, 14 and 15. The Barton System is working well. Before, I tutored for 2 years using the Slingerland method. The Barton System is so much easier to use. The tiles and your phonemic awareness level are fantastic. I recommend the Barton System to many tutors and parents.

Karen Vickers, Private Tutor
Fremont, CA


When I looked at the cost of purchasing the Barton System, I thought it was a little expensive -- until I compared it to the cost of spending two summers driving to the Slingerland training and paying their training fees, and then paying their materials fee.

Your program is very affordable when you consider that.

Linda Walker,
Lubbock Literacy Council
Lubbock, TX


A very useful, well-taught, and well-constructed program. I think they would be a great asset to this community.

I shared the materials with the Head of Special Education, who also found them to be excellent.

Risa Sokolsky, Professional Tutor
Newfield, NY


The Barton Reading and Spelling System is an important contribution to reaching the goal of universal literacy. Most adults with the desire and determination to teach another person to read and spell can now do so, even if the student has not been successful using traditional methods.

Susan Barton has distilled the best multisensory practices based on the pioneering work of Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham, organized the material and provided extensive video training to ensure success. She addresses fine points of tutoring which demonstrate the authenticity of her methods and experience.

Her fully scripted lessons along with detailed, well developed, practice materials which include manipulatives, motivate tutors to get started immediately. The well-paced, structured, multisensory lessons are designed to build a strong foundation based on continuous reinforcement and the introduction of new learning in manageable increments.

Since I began facilitating a group of tutors using the Barton System, I have noticed an improvement in my own academic therapy techniques. Susan is a terrific model, patient, kind and lively, with a wealth of "tricks." Her user-friendly manuals reduce lesson planning time by at least 50%!

Peggy Casey, Educational Therapist and
Barton System Facilitator
Saratoga, CA

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The Barton System is extremely well organized, success oriented, and user friendly. For five months now, I've been using it to tutor a 10 year old child with dyslexia twice a week for an hour each session. Her reading skill had stagnated for years at the first grade level. This system has helped her tremendously. We're making great progress, and her mother is delighted.

Vicky Garcia
Oakland, CA



Students Back to Top

I have struggled for nearly 35 years with dyslexia. I was diagnosed at a young age, but my parents felt I "just needed to work harder" because I was so bright. I managed to graduate from high school with a lot of help and luck. But I dropped out of several colleges because I was just too frustrated to continue.

I have been a student in the Barton System for the past six months. I cannot begin to share how many times I have finished a tutoring lesson and said, "Gee, if only it had been explained this way when I was in school, I might not have struggled so much."

The confidence I have in my reading ability has grown incredibly.

I recently was required to give a speech to a group of over 400 people. Before starting the Barton System, I would have refused because my reading problems were so severe. Instead, I gave the speech — and received a standing ovation. It made my year.

Trish McCauley, adult student
San Jose, CA


My name is Michael Warner, and I am the first to fully complete the Barton Reading program at this school.

Before I knew such a program existed, I endured many different types of special education plans and teachings. All, however, failed. After enduring nine years of mental, emotional, and social abuse, I came to House of the Lord Academy.

For the first time, I was not only trying to match my mental capability but to exceed it. I say this with my own choice of words . . . with no help whatsoever.

Although I never thought it was possible, I remember dreaming of the day when it would click and I would get it . . . although it was never coming. Just to give you an idea about how much I have learned from this program, I have in my hand my FCAT scores. For those of you who don't know, it is the Florida version of the WASL. In reading, I got a one. According to that score, I had the reading level of a third grader. I was in ninth grade when I took this test. Tell me that wasn't emotionally damaging . . . the reading skill of a third grader. The IQ test told me that in reading and spelling, I was close to mentally retarded.

The public school wouldn't let me take college prep classes. They tried to control what I learned so I would become a construction worker because they thought I was too stupid to do anything else. Everything around me told me I would never measure up to anything.

Then I came here. This school found out I had dyslexia, and they put me in the Barton Reading program. Halfway through the program, students were clapping in the middle of class because they could see how much I had improved. That shows you the spirit of the students at this school.

After two years here, I finished the Barton System. Since I wanted to become a programmer, I had transfer to Newport High School for the classes I needed. Do you have any idea what if feels like to finally pursue your dreams?

So I went to Newport last fall, and I took the WASL. One try and I passed everything -- reading, writing, everything! Some students need three or four tries to pass it, and they take special classes to pass it. I passed it on the first try.

I'm here to say how much this place changed my life, and all I can say is thank you. I can finally be who I want to be.

Michael Warner, former student of
House of the Lord Christian Academy
Oldtown, ID


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When the psychologist told me that my fourth-grade son, Dylan, had dyslexia, I flipped into denial. I wanted to continue to believe that he was just willful and stubborn about doing his homework.

But I could not ignore his dropping self-esteem and his growing lack of confidence in school.

He has been been getting one-on-one Barton tutoring since then, and he is very close to completing your system.

It is amazing to remember that two years ago, his fourth-grade teacher was talking about retention. He is now at and above grade level in all of his subjects.

Two years ago, he tested at the "basic" level in language arts on the STAR test. He is now only a few point from the "advanced" level.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kate Lenox
San Jose, CA


At the beginning of the school year, my son (who had repeated first grade twice) was scoring at the 1st grade 7th month in reading, with an instructional level at Kindergarten 6 months. His self-esteem was at an all-time low, his frustration level was at an all-time high, and he hated school. Showing him a page of print would immediately send him into a panic.

He was tested for dyslexia and was found to have a moderate-to-severe form of it, along with a very high IQ. There were absolutely no resources for him in our entire area. I read everything I could get my hands on about dyslexia. I found the Barton System online and decided, after reading other glowing reports from parents, that this program could work.

I could tell right away during Level 1 that his phonemic awareness skills were very poor. However, the way the Barton System presented dissecting words and hearing sounds began to ring bells for him immediately.

I began to go to his school daily to tutor him in place of his Spanish class. It was obvious he was making strides. He never balks at reading anymore.

School has been in session for 18 weeks. His reading level was reassessed this past week. He is now at the 2nd grade 9th month level. His instructional reading level went from K-6 to 3.1. For the first time ever, he is no longer in the "below average" range. In fact, he is at the 73rd percentile. His spelling scores are also outstanding.

The biggest change of all is in his self-esteem. He is like a different child.

I realize that Barton Reading is a business, and that I paid for the materials, but I still think that you deserve a world of thanks. My child's entire future will forever be positively impacted by this program! There is no amount of money I could pay that would adequately compensate you for this program's worth. My son's dyslexia, which had been a huge problem in his life, is being very successfully and rather easily remediated.

Carolyn Taylor
Martinez, GA

P.S. The school is bowled over by his progress. I have been asked to take on other students for whom "nothing has worked." After the holidays, the school's reading specialist is going to shadow me to get a sense of the program. The principal has copied my son's scores and is taking them to a districtwide curriculum meeting next month. They are seriously considering purchasing the Barton System to use with the school's IEP students.



For my Master's research topic, I chose dyslexia and effective teaching methods. A comparison was made between the Barton System and the other Orton-Gillingham-based systems in terms of the cost and training involved, ease of use, and its effectiveness.

The Barton System ended up with the highest recommendation in all three areas.

My instructor said my thesis was the best she had ever read and recommended that I get it published in an educational journal. Wow!

Kim Reilly
Joliet, IL


I am tutoring 9 students. It is so rewarding to watch the transformation as each struggling student becomes a confident reader.

When my own daughter was in fourth grade, she was reading at a second grade level.

Thanks to the Barton System, by sixth grade, she was at a ninth grade level.

There are no words to describe the gratefulness in my heart when she finally started succeeding in school.

Deanna Lagasse
Certified Barton Tutor


My daughter is in Level 3 of the Barton System. She has made awesome progress. She is gaining confidence in her abilities, and her teachers are seeing improvement in areas we would never have dreamed. Thank you so much.

Vonda Stirn
Bloomington, IL


The most impressive thing about your program -- besides the easy, thorough, and systematic way it is laid out -- is the training that comes on the DVD's. You are a master teacher, and I have learned a great deal from watching and rewatching your DVD's.

I really thought that being a teacher myself, who won the Edwin Parr Teacher Award for best teacher in the province, that I would not learn a whole lot that would surprise me.

Well, I learned a lot from watching you. The method in which you teach, plus your positive and encouraging manner, has made me an even better teacher. Thank you.

Jean Armes
Vancouver, B.C., Canada


My son has been doing the Barton System with me since the end of first grade. He just finished second grade.

I just got his STAR testing results, and his HUGE advances are remarkable after only one year of tutoring.


Reading . . . . . . . . from 54 to 84 %ile

Language Arts . . . from 50 to 99 %ile

Spelling . . . . . . . . from 32 to 52 %ile

But the scores don't tell the whole story. Not only did he pass second grade with no problems, but (and this is what is most important to me), he is reading for pleasure.

He gets into bed at night with a chapter mystery book and reads until I tell him "lights out."

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Julie Hoffman
Baton Rouge, LA


Our daughter struggled with reading through first grade. Her teacher and the school's reading specialist said she just needed to try harder. Then they recommended she get tutoring at Sylvan. That didn't help.

A few months into second grade, we knew something was wrong. The school did not respond in a timely manner to our requests for testing, so we had her tested privately. We learned that she is dyslexic. We were very worried about her future. She is very bright, so it was disheartening to see her struggle with school work and become turned off by school.

After learning more about dyslexia, we decided to hire a Certified Barton tutor. Our daughter has made slow but steady progress in her year-and-a-half of twice-a-week private tutoring.

In September, we applied to get her into a private school. The staff at the new school was concerned about her dyslexia, so two teachers tested her. Happily, she passed and was accepted. One of the teachers commented that her reading was better than many others in her future fourth-grade class.

Not only is our daughter able to read at grade level now, but her spelling has improved dramatically. Instead of getting 20% scores like she did in second and third grade, she is averaging 80% on fourth-grade spelling tests.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating such a wonderful system for teaching spelling and reading to people with dyslexia.

Also, thank you for helping to educate us about dyslexia. Understanding dyslexia has made it much easier to deal with it in practical ways. We now know that dyslexics can have a great future.

Feel free to share our story with anyone who may be interested.

Eric and Annette Nellen
San Jose, CA


My adult student is 50 and a high school dropout. Over the years, she has tried many reading programs and has had several well-meaning tutors. Nothing has worked -- until now.

She is only in Level 3, and there is still a lot of hard work ahead.

But for the first time in her life, she has solid evidence to justify her new feeling of self-confidence -- and her belief that she really can learn to read and write.

Thank you for creating the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

Steve Chupack
Cape Coral, FL


I just wanted to let you know that Evan is now an official Barton graduate. He made it all the way through Level 10.

Thanks to your system, his teacher says he's at the top of his class and is actually "overachieving." How many severely dyslexic kids can make that claim!

This is probably my 50th thank you, but it is as heartfelt and well-deserved as my first.

Karen Markus
Cupertino, CA


Our Special Ed teacher, who has been using the Barton System with a dyslexic student, shared the following conversation that she recently had with that student:

Teacher: "Wow. Your reading is really improving!"

Student: "That's because I like reading now."

This student was a non-reader at the beginning of fourth grade. He is now sounding out words and carrying himself with confidence.

What a gift it is to watch this student make such great progress!

Sidney Hough
Colorado Springs, CO


I work for a small literacy council. We train about 150 volunteer tutors a year.

I have used the Wilson System with my own student for about 3 years. Although I have tried to convince our volunteer tutors to use it, they say it is too hard to use.

The Barton Reading & Spelling System is volunteer friendly, and I like it better than the Wilson System.

It is perfect for our literacy council.

Diane Browne
Fayetteville, NC


I tutored six students with the Barton System at my school last year. Those six were in the lowest of the low reading groups.

This year, all of them are in the middle or high reading groups.

In fact, the one student who completed all ten levels has been taken out of special education because he no longer needs it. According to the GORT, he now reads at the 8th grade level.

Erika Burleigh
Manteca, CA


I just received Garrett's STAR test results. He went from a 345 (top of Basic) to 392 (top of Proficient, and only 3 points from Advanced) this past year.

He received Barton tutoring 5 days a week at his school, and he just finished Level 7.

His grades -- and his attitude -- have improved so much.

I knew that the Barton System had made a big different and helped him greatly, but it is nice to see it confirmed by these test scores.

I'm thrilled.

Sheila Larson
Pleasanton, CA


The father of one of my students has called my principal on 2 separate occasions to comment on his son's progress.

The first call was to thank my principal for purchasing the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

The second call came in early December, and it brought tears to my principal's eyes. He shared that for the first time, his son had asked if he could read a book to his dad.

His son is in second grade, and he has made great progress in the Barton System.

Carolyn Cain
Mesa, AZ


My son, Garrett, was labeled an "at risk" student every year of his school career. But every year we were told he was not far enough behind to be placed in resource.

The school's answer was motivation. Garrett was simply not a motivated student. We tried to motivate him with prizes, money, stars -- anything and everything -- to no avail. So we struggled, trying to help Garrett any way we could, only to have him eventually start acting out his frustration. Everything we tried left us all frustrated, tense, and angry.

This year, he has gotten an hour of one-on-one Barton tutoring as part of his school day, which has changed all that. Not only is Garrett doing his own homework for the first time in his life, but his grades are good -- A's and B's -- and all on his own!

He is so much more fun to be around now. He is not moody, evasive, touchy, gloomy or destructive anymore. I've got my happy, playful, fun son back.

Tutoring with the Barton System has changed his life, and ours, too.

Jim and Sheila Larson
Pleasanton, CA


I am a Special Needs Coordinator at a private school who accidentally stumbled upon the Barton System three years ago.

Although I have a Master's in Education, along with a California Teaching Credential, I never learned the essentials of phonemic awareness or how to tutor students with dyslexia and ADD.

The Barton System saved me -- and my students. Within a few weeks, one of my third graders said, "Thanks for teaching me how to sound out words."

Whether I'm tutoring a kindergartner or an eighth grader, the results are superb. It's 100% foolproof.

A huge burden has been lifted from these bright students who, at one point, thought they were stupid.

The Barton System brings hope and opportunity to bright minds, who would otherwise be overlooked and misunderstood.

Kathy Fortuin
Oakland, CA


I am a certified teacher, having taught first grade for many years. For the past seven years, I have worked in adult literacy in Michigan and Ohio.

As the program director, my job is to train volunteer tutors, pick the materials we use, and monitor results. We work with struggling adults who read below an 8th grade level, both native English speakers and ESL. Recently, we have started to work with children who have dyslexia.

When I first came to this job, I started testing existing students. The first student had made only one year's growth despite ten years of regular attendance. When I asked why he kept coming, he said he thought that one day "the light would come on."

Our approach wasn't working -- not only for him, but for most of our students. Our attrition rate was so high. Most adults came in reading at a second, third, or fourth grade level, and rarely progressed because we were using the standard adult reading materials: Laubach, Challenger, etc.

While teaching first grade, I had been trained in Orton-Gillingham. So when the brochure for the Barton Reading & Spelling System came across my desk, I ordered Level 1 and 2 to pilot the program with an 8 year old and the adult who had been coming for 10 years yet had only made one year of growth.

My results? The adult improved his reading by 4 grade levels in one year. The 8 year old, who was failing first grade, has A's in reading and language arts on her report card in third grade. Her teachers were so impressed that they started an after school program using the Barton System.

Through a combination of tutor donations and grants, I got a site license. Everyone loves the Barton System. The training tapes and scripted lesson plans are great. It really, really works. Every single student has significantly increased his or her reading level.

Our volunteer tutors love the program. In fact, our staff members personally tutor as many as 5 students each. Our attrition rate is now 0.

We use the Barton System not only with adults, but also in our juvenile care system, and in our family literacy program.

Students that the public school system gave up on are now becoming readers.

I have nothing but praise for the quality and effectiveness of the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

Becky Manning, Program Director
Literacy Council of Midland County
Midland, MI


I am a volunteer tutor at a local elementary school. I began tutoring a 5th grade boy last year. The family was discouraged, as was the student. The student, family, and I talked at length before we began. The agreement was that we would give it our best shot and see if he could complete Level 4 in one school year.

It took a lot of work, but in the first week of June, we completed level 4.

I wanted him to complete Level 5 before he entered sixth grade, so I volunteered to tutor him during the summer, 3 times a week, at my home. We finished that level in early August.

Did it help? It sure did. I just spoke with his mom. She said her son just completed the language arts testing in sixth grade. For the first time in his life, he tested "at grade level."

His teacher said he will probably be above grade level by the end of the year.

I look forward to getting his high school graduation announcement in 6 years. You can be sure I will attend.

Alan Mode
Pleasanton, CA


My husband and I both work at a university and highly value reading. We have always read a great deal to our son. When he was younger, trips to the library involved bringing home 25 to 30 story books to be absorbed, experienced and shared. He loved to be read to, and he never tired of books.

However, as a Montessori preschooler, he was very resistant to any work that involved letters or writing. When I tried to play with the alphabet on tiles, or word puzzles, he just wouldn't show any interest.

He couldn't read in first grade. I would try to bribe him with money to sound out those little phonetic "Bob" books the school had. He wouldn't do it.

During first grade, although he would demonstrate some reading skill when pressured, I was befuddled at his inconsistency. I shook my head when he would try to sound out the "t" and then the "h" in "the." I couldn't understand why he didn't recognize it. He had just read that same word on the previous line.

He was so resistant about doing schoolwork that the teacher claimed he had a motivation problem. That was when I knew we needed to have him tested. Once he was diagnosed as dyslexic, I realized his needs could not be properly met at school.

I did a great deal of internet research and was very excited to find the Barton Reading & Spelling System. I was concerned about the cost of hiring a private tutor, and I didn't like the idea of farming out such an important task to a stranger. So I took the plunge and began tutoring my son in the Barton System in the spring of second grade.

He was very excited at the beginning, but there have been times during the past two years when he did not want to be tutored. He felt it was unfair that we had to "work" at home when the other kids didn't have homework. He expressed resentment and unhappiness about being dyslexic.

But he began to feel empowered by the skills he was learning. I could see the improvement in his reading almost immediately. He quickly learned to decode words. He began to see how syllables were constructed. At his latest reading evaluation, he tested at grade level.

We still read nightly to our son. He listens voraciously. We read literature that most fourth graders aren't reading, such as Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Phillip Pullman books, etc. Over the past month, we have been reading The Fellowship of the Rings, dense reading to say the least.

Last night, after I had finished reading a chapter to him, he asked to take the book with him for his own bedtime reading. To my astonishment, he completed the next chapter all on his own -- and then recounted the story to me with great delight that he knew what happened next, and I didn't.

What a milestone we had reached. My son, who refused to read in first grade and who couldn't decode the word "the," now loves books and enjoys reading challenging material.

I feel privileged to be traveling this road with him. The thing I love about the Barton System is that it has allowed his learning process to be a shared experience. I am learning right along with him.

With the Barton System, my son has come to realize that he is gaining skills that will allow him to succeed, and although he is dyslexic, it does not need to define him, impede him, or limit him.

Elizabeth Morrow
Arlington, TX


My name is Tammy Hughes, and I am the Chair for the Accelerated Reader program.

After 6 long years of watching my son, Matt, struggle with reading, spelling and writing, I finally found a program that works for him. The result have been simply OUTSTANDING.

Matt is 12 years old and in 6th grade.

He has had an IEP since 2nd grade.
His progress was at snail's pace at best.
His teachers and staff tried everything they could to help him.
As parents, we spent thousands of dollars on private tutoring and anything else we thought would help him.

Yet when he graduated from 5th grade, he could only read at the 2nd grade reading level.
He would guess at every single word when he would try to read.
He could only put very simple words three-letter words to paper.
He couldn't even write a simple sentence.
But he could comprehend at or above grade level, if the material was read to him.
He completely understood the curriculum as long as he doesn't have read it.
All his teachers said he was an incredibly hard worker.

I have been using the Barton Reading and Spelling System for the last 6 months.
The difference is night and day!
He can write simple sentences and paragraphs now, with capitalization and punctuation.
He can read without guessing. He knows how to sound out words.
For the first time in his life, Matt wrote a book report for school, with absolutely no help from me.
When he brought it home and showed it to me, I actually cried.

My son read a book and wrote a paper by himself -- something I never thought he would ever be able to do.

Tammy Hughes
Naperville, IL


Prior to Barton tutoring, Dustin struggled in school. Three years ago, at age 10, his teachers said that he could not spell, and his reading was far below grade level. They told me he was "unteachable." They painted a bleak picture for his future academics and stated, "We don't know how he will get through high school -- or even middle school."

He became more and more frustrated with school work, and he began to have serious socialization and behavioral problems.When I questioned his teachers about the possibility of dyslexia, they said, "Oh, you want to label him." They were in no way helpful. I had no idea where to turn.

At that point, I did an internet search on dyslexia and found your website. You sent me a list of Certified Barton Tutors, and I hired one.

After three years of twice-a-week Barton tutoring, Dustin is about to finish Level 10, and his life has changed. He is happier. He says, "This is the best year!" School is easier. He is getting A's and B's. His GPA is 3.5.

This year, he received the "Student of the Month" award for attitude and achievement. He was the recipient of the Vice Principal's Recognition award. He has also received awards for productivity and helpfulness.

His teacher reports that Dustin is flying through math and reading. She is amazed that he knows high school level words.

Thank you so much for your work. It has made a vast difference for our son. We are so grateful.

Deanna Baker
San Jose, California


Last May, when our son was at the end of first grade and the school recommended we retain him, you advised that we negotiate delaying that decision until just before school starts and tutor him during the summer using the Barton System. I have been working with him for about an hour a day, 5 days a week, using your system. We breezed through levels 1 and 2, but learned lots of great tools -- especially for b-p-d confusion. When we reached level 3, we spent two months working through it, and his improvement is phenomenal.

As far as the school, they gave him a reading test on August 20, and much to their surprise, he is at a level 16 -- right where he should have been at the end of 1st grade! His comprehension and ability to sound out words is amazing. They were also amazed at how well he was able to sound out words when they dictated a sentence. He heard every sound, a huge improvement over 2 1/2 months ago.

In fact, my son mentioned one of the spelling rules to their Reading Specialist. She asked me about it, so I explained some of the spelling rules to the school officials, and they were really impressed -- so much so that the reading specialist wants to take a look at your system. They actually thought I had an education background after talking with me, but no, I am an accountant at heart - a far cry from a teacher.

The assistant principal agrees that what I have done has helped, so she is now willing to let me come to school to work with Sammy two times a week during his normal "reading specialist" time so that he can continue on the same path. I have gotten them to understand that the whole language approach was not working for him. This from a school which is completely focused on the whole language approach.

So in the end, we have decided to send him on to second grade. He is on the right path and everyone is pleased.

Allison Nucerino
Liberty Twp, Ohio


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